Day #3 to Becoming a Wealthy Marketer

Use All the Right Tools

Here we are at DAY 3 already. By now you should be maintaining a weekly journal, you should be reading non-fiction books everyday, and you should have narrowed down on your skillset of focus while learning your skills by doing the work.

Today – we are going to talk about all the tools you are going to want to leverage on your path to becoming a Wealthy Marketer.

Some of these tools are work and skill related, some are side hustle related, some are investor related, and some are adventure related. As a Wealthy Marketer you are going to have to depend on tools in all these areas!

While construction workers and mechanics use physical tools to get their job done right, we use digital tools like software and platforms with network effects to get our jobs done right. 

It’s the digital tools out there that give us the super powers we need to become Wealthy Marketers. We can’t deny the importance of using the right tools to support our success as Digital Marketers and thriving Human Beings. Depending on the skills you are specialized in, and the wealthy lifestyle choices you adopt, you’ll require a variety of tools to get the job done:

  • Design Tools 
  • Video Tools
  • Website Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Advertising Platforms
  • Social Media Tools
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Starting a Business or Side Hustle
  • Financial Literacy
  • Discount Stock Brokerages
  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Hotel Deals
  • Vacation Deals
  • Cheap Flights
  • Cheap Travel
  • Experiences


For a full list of  tools you can use to thrive as a Wealthy Marketer, visit my tools page for my top recommendations by category.

As Wealthy Marketers we must rely on a variety of tools that cover a diverse range of needs from what we do to make a living, to what we do to invest for our future, while enjoying today through freedom and adventure!

I really hope these tools help to support the development of your skillset, and what you do with the money you make from your skillset today and for the long-term!

That’s it for today! Tomorrow we are going to be talking about how make a Side Hustle happen even while you have a meaningful 9-5 or busy schedule.

To our success,

The Wealthy Marketer

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