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Every quarter I provide in-depth mentorship to a limited number of students, where I teach everything I know about digital marketing, business growth, lifestyle choices, and long-term investing. It would be an honour to mentor you in 2024! 

@thewealthymarketer Let’s change your life through the power of Digital Marketing! Join The Wealthy Marketer’s 12 Week Mentor Program and make all your dreams come true! #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketer #digitalnomad #dreamsdocometrue #believeinyourself #manifest #takeaction #entrepreneur #goalsetting ♬ original sound - The Wealthy Marketer

What's Included?

Program Duration: 12 Weeks
Start Date: April 1st, 2024
End Date: June 30th, 2024
Early Bird Price: $297 (Register before March 1st, 2024)*
Regular Price: $497 (Register after March 1st, 2024)

*Early Bird Bonus: When you reserve your early bird spot, you will get instant access to The Wealthy Marketer’s Digital Marketing Masterclass + a 30 Minute 1-to-1 Discovery Call / Coaching Session with The Wealthy Marketer himself.

BY THE END OF THIS Mentor Program

Design & Build a 
High Impact Website
without Knowing Code

Establish a 1st Page
SEO Footprint With
Content & Backlinks

Build & Manage
High Converting
Paid Ad Campaigns
Create Branded Social
Graphics for all
Major Social Platforms
Nurture Prospects
through Email Blasts
& Marketing Automations
Monitor Performance
with Advanced Analytics
& Conversion Tracking

Achieve your biggest dreams




Land Your
Dream Job

launch your
side hustle


Praise for the wealthy Marketer

I recently took The Wealthy Marketer’s Digital Marketing Masterclass and I’m happy with the results. I learned so much about Digital Marketing and now I feel more empowered than ever to pursue a career as a Digital Marketer and to build my own creative agency!

Johnny from New York, NY

The Wealthy Marketer’s Digital Marketing Masterclass is the real deal! Honestly, you would be better off taking this course vs. learning Digital Marketing in college. It costs way less, it’s based on decades of real life experience, and it gives you everything you need to succeed in your field.

Melanie from Montreal, QB

The Wealthy Marketer has inspired me to get the most out of life while enjoying what I do for a living as a professional digital marketer and successful side hustler. He’s taught me all the foundational lessons I needed to learn in order to find success in all aspects of my life today, including becoming a Digital Marketing Superstar and all-in entrepreneur!

Cathy from Vancouver, BC

The Wealthy Marketer played an integral role in helping me launch my Marriage Success Coaching side hustle. He helped me get my website off the ground and find the right audience on Facebook. My community continues to grow by the day. Not only is The Wealthy Marketer a great digital marketer, he’s also a great person. He truly cares about the success and wellbeing of others, and wants to see everyone succeed in their own way.

Max from Las Vegas, NV

The Wealthy Marketer helped me build my 8-figure business from the ground up. He helped me develop my brand, my website, and all of my very important online marketing campaigns. Without The Wealthy Marketer, I would not be where I am today with my successful business. I can always count on The Wealthy Marketer for all my digital marketing needs. Not only is he great at what he does, he is a great person!

John from Newmarket, ON

Running an online store comes with unique challenges. This masterclass offered tailored approaches to digital marketing for e-commerce, significantly boosting my store's visibility and sales. The Wealthy Marketer’s lessons have allowed me to expand my digital marketing mindset and uncover sales and marketing opportunities I would have not thought of on my own.

Mary from Rhode Island

Coming from a traditional marketing background, The Wealthy Marketer’s Digital Marketing Masterclass has been my most reliable bridge into the digital-first world we live in today. It seamlessly complimented my existing knowledge with proven digital strategies, making the transition from traditional and digital smooth and effective. I’m excited for the future ahead!

Javier from Los Angeles, CA

The Wealthy Marketer is a great guy! I’ve spent time with him in-person at both business and social events. I know his story well as he was a great guest on an episode of my “What If It Did Work?” podcast. It’s amazing what The Wealthy Marketer has accomplished through Digital Marketing, and his life path and everyday adventures are proof of this.

Omar from Miami, FL

I don’t know anyone that knows how to do Digital Marketing better than The Wealthy Marketer. He knows how to get results and has played an important role in growing my business by generating high quality leads through the internet over the past 10 years.

Will from Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Wealthy Marketer played an integral role in building my home improvement business from $500,000 to $20,000,000+ in annual revenue. He built my entire online presence from the ground up and supported my growth with continuous improvements, a great team, and adopting the latest trends. My business would not be where it is today without the important role The Wealthy Marketer played in my entrepreneurial journey.

Guy from Ottawa, ON

I had the opportunity to get mentored by The Wealthy Marketer and also took his entire Digital Marketing Masterclass. I learned so much from The Wealthy Marketer in the process. He’s played a role in growing my Video Production business and inspired me to set big goals, take action on my dreams, and live the wealthy marketer lifestyle in my own way!

Mike from Atlanta, GA

The Wealthy Marketer's Digital Marketing Masterclass was a pivotal investment for me. Excelling in Instagram marketing, I recognized the need to diversify, and this course proved transformative. The comprehensive insights broadened my understanding of digital marketing strategies, empowering me to establish a strong online presence through a compelling website. This shift enabled exponential brand expansion, reaching a wider audience and fostering significant business growth. This masterclass is a must for anyone looking to elevate their marketing skills and succeed in the dynamic digital landscape beyond Instagram.

Julia from Miami, FL

As a content creator, I appreciated how this course not only emphasized marketing techniques but also delved into crafting compelling narratives and visuals that resonate with the audience. Between the tips I got from a social media and content marketing standpoint, to understanding what’s possible with the right website and advertising campaigns, I am stronger than ever!

Holly from Vancouver, BC

What I’ve learned from The Wealthy Marketer’s Masterclass are strategies and tactics I can use in my day job as a Digital Marketing Coordinator, and also work on my fashion side hustle on evenings and weekends. I am more confident in the work I am doing now that I’ve learned from someone that’s done a lot of it before, and also learning new ways of doing things.

Zara from Chicago, IL

Coach Burt and I had the opportunity to Coach The Wealthy Marketer before he officially became The Wealthy Marketer. While he was already an expert in his chosen field when we met, there was still a lot we could teach him. The Wealthy Marketer not only listened to and studied our material, he also took action on it, and it is through his character of willing to learn, willing to help, willing to improve, that have allowed him to become The Wealthy Marketer today where he can now pass on his own knowledge and inspire more people to be great just like him.

Eric from Murfreesboro, TN

What a great guy! I know many marketers from all over the USA, and The Wealthy Marketer is one of the smartest and most genuine marketers I know. We’ve had the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other for running Facebook Ads for our clients, and we’ve both seen great results.

Phil from Des Moines, IA

Thanks to the Wealthy Marketer I was able to put my marketing education to practical use with a career in Digital Marketing. With mentorship from The Wealthy Marketer, I learned to project manage website builds and launch campaigns across Google and Facebook with confidence!

Gary from London, England

The Wealthy Marketer knows his stuff when it comes to Digital Marketing. He’s hands-on with the work he delivers, and he stays on top of the latest trends without losing sight of what has always worked in the past. This makes him a great leader, teacher, and mentor in his space.

Kareem from Toronto, ON

Through The Wealthy Marketer’s Digital Marketing Masterclass I finally learned how to build a website that I could be proud of without using any code! Now I can market my business online with confidence and communicate the right information to my clients to help them make an informed decision on doing business with me.

Jamie from Scottsdale, AZ

Having been in the business world for years, I can attest that The Wealthy Marketer's Masterclass is a comprehensive guide for adapting marketing strategies to the digital age. It's not just for beginners; it's a must for anyone staying ahead in today's competitive market. Through this course, I have been able to get up-to-date with digital marketing trends, and guide my marketing team to do more advanced tactics and campaigns that bring improved results to the top line of my brick and mortar business.

Wayne from Toronto, ON

As a small business owner, I count on my Digital Marketing investments to complement my offline efforts with a steady flow of new leads and customers from the internet. After going through the Digital Marketing Masterclass, I was able to understand where I should invest my marketing dollars and how to work better with my marketing team for best results.

Nathan from Detroit, MI

The Wealthy Marketer has proven to be successful not only with his digital agency, but also with his own side hustle and startup concepts. He knows how to set goals and take action on them. He practices what he teaches, and he will do his part in inspiring you to expand your skills, take action on your dreams, and find success in your own life, and your own way.

Jordi from Toronto, ON

The Wealthy Marketer leads by example as someone that has chosen to follow his passions and carve his own path. With that he’s been able to gain freedom over his time and make every day an adventure. He’s achieved his goal of escaping the 9-5 just like Tim Ferriss, and with that freedom he is hard at work helping clients, building his businesses, and making the most of everyday! He’s leading by example on what’s possible with Digital Marketing!

Ted from Wilton, CT

Frequently Asked QUestions

Is your mentorship program right for Me?

If you are serious about taking your digital marketing, business, lifestyle, and/or financial literacy to the next level – my coaching sessions is designed perfectly for you.

What if I already do digital marketing for a living?

I can still help you. First, you can learn more about digital marketing principles from my experienced perspective. Second, I’m confident there is value I can bring to the table with my lifestyle & friendly investing advice.

How can your mentorship program help my business?

My mentorship program can help you be more proficient with doing digital marketing successfully for your own business. In addition, I can play a big role in coaching your marketing department.

Why do you mentor on more than just digital marketing?

I mentor on more than just digital marketing because no one in this world will be successful by simply executing digital marketing effectively. You must use digital marketing as a tool to generate income for yourself, and revenue for your clients or business. You must then take the money you generate through your digital marketing efforts and invest it into assets like Bitcoin, Stocks, and Real Estate. Finally, you must take the extra money and freedom of time you have, and invest it in fun and adventure. I teach you everything I know about this way of life in my mentor program.

How many mentor students do you accept every quarter?

I accept no more than 100 mentor students per quarter. Spots fill up fast, so book yours today!

Where do you conduct your mentor sessions?

My mentor sessions are done via Google Meet on a weekly basis.

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