Day #5 to Becoming a Wealthy Marketer

Invest Your Way to Financial Stability

Welcome to DAY 5 of your 7-Day Email Course to “Becoming a Wealthy Marketer”. This is the most important day of the entire course. 

In fact, this may be the most important advice you ever read. 

Taking action on this part or not, will either make you or break you financially, especially when considering the structure of the world we live in today. 

Take this advice seriously, and regardless of your financial affairs at this very moment, take action today and become an active investor.

Regardless of how much debt you have, how little money you make, how many expenses hit your bank account every month, or how hard you find it to “save” – you need to make investing some of what you make every week a top priority.

As The Wealthy Marketer – I believe in the concept of investing in Stocks, Crypto, and Real Estate in that order.

As an aspiring Wealthy Marketer – I want you to understand the importance of getting Stocks, Crypto, and Real Estate working for you too.

Notice how I say  “invest in stocks, crypto, and real estate in that order”. There is a reason for this specific order. Please allow me to explain:

You need to invest in stocks first because it’s the quickest path to getting the power of compound interest working for you without the risk of crypto and without the huge sum of cash and excessive fees that come with real estate.

While more risky, you need to invest in Crypto second, because there is huge upside potential behind it as it continues to disrupt banks and government systems across the world. Crypto has found a way to cut out the middle men that have been keeping the masses poor for decades. Like stocks, Crypto is another quick way to get compound interest working for you, and you can start investing in Crypto with as little as $20 at a time. 

You need to invest in Real Estate third, because obviously owning your home or investment property is a lot better than just renting. But at the same time, you don’t want to end up buying Real Estate without being invested in Stocks and Crypto.

Once you own Real Estate, it’s highly likely you will find yourself house poor, and that will limit your ability to invest in Stocks and Crypto, and as a result you will miss out on the opportunity to have compound interest work for you across all 3 investment opportunities. The last thing you want is to go 5-10 years paying a mortgage and unable to participate in Stock Market and Crypto gains. The financial world will leave you behind and it will be hard to catch up.

So to simplify things, here’s what you want to do next:

  1. Setup an account with a Discount Brokerage and start buying shares in a low-fee index fund that tracks the S&P500 (buy 1+ shares every month).
  2. Educate yourself on how to build a stock portfolio and invest in 10 companies that you understand and through your research you find their financials, management, and growth prospects to be strong. 
  3. Download Coinbase or the account and start investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternative crypto currencies even if it’s a small amount every month.
  4.  Once you have Stocks and Crypto currencies working for you – make an investment in Real Estate that you know you can sustain while still being able to continue investing in stocks and crypto.


Follow these 4 steps and everything will work out for you just fine! Skip these steps or do them in a different order, and things may not work out just fine.

I am sharing this perspective with you from many mistakes and experience over the years. Keep it simple and follow the right path. Most importantly, make investing a priority no matter what your current financial situation looks like.

You can be financially free in no-time. The game plan is right in front of you.

Start investing today, and tomorrow we’ll talk about how we can make more travel and adventure possible in your everyday life consistently.

To our success,

The Wealthy Marketer

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