Day #7 to Becoming a Wealthy Marketer

Gain Control Over Your Time & Place

Welcome to DAY 7 of your 7-Day EMail Course to “Becoming a Wealthy Marketer”. On this final day of the course, we will be talking about how to self-actualize as a Wealthy Marketer by gaining freedom over your time and place!

When you do Digital Marketing for a living, you are blessed with the opportunity to gain freedom over your time and place much more than most people who are doing other things as their profession for a living. 

For example, it’s hard to gain freedom over your time and place when you have to be on-site for a construction project, at a retail store during store hours, or going into a bank office tower for security reasons. But with Digital Marketing, as long as you have access to a reliable laptop (ideally a MacBook) and internet, you can do your work and communicate with your clients from almost anywhere in the world!

There is a catch though, freedom over your time and place as a Digital Marketer typically happens over time, and not so much overnight. 

When I first started out as a Digital Marketer I had no freedom over my time. I was caught in the 9-5 and side hustling at night. Soon after, I went all-in as an entrepreneur and started a website design company, which led to working around the clock making very little money.

After a few years things started to stabilize for me and I did manage to become more free with my time and place, but again it was spotty. Sometimes I would be broke and free of my time. Sometimes I would be flush with cash and free with my time and place. Somes I found myself right back to square one, and had to regain my freedom of time and place all over again.

It was only after 10+ years of learning, doing, making mistakes, and trying again that I found myself in a position where I had full freedom over my time and place.

So to some degree – be prepared to pay your dues, and then when the time is right, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to start gaining control over your time and place. As a Wealthy Marketer, you have so much freedom to look forward to!

Here are just some examples of freedom over time and place as a Wealthy Marketer:

  • You can win the trust of your team leader in your 9-5 and work from home 2-3 times per week, saving you time and money on your commute and office chatter.
  • You can travel to places 2-3 time zones away and still maintain contact with your team, clients, and resources without having to be locked down to any given place.
  • You can start your own eCommerce business and drum up enough sales along with an automated fulfillment system to operate your store from anywhere in the world.
  • You can run your own digital agency, build out a team, and make your own hours.
  • You could create a course on how to do something you are good at, and promote / sell that course from your laptop while travelling the world for years to come.

Any of these scenarios, and so much more will give you freedom over your time and place in a way that most people can only dream of.

You made it this far and now all you have to do is take action, make moves, and put yourself through the process of becoming a Wealthy Marketer using all the perspective and tips I shared with you in this 7-Day EMail Course which is coming to end now!

The fun starts here. Move forward my student of the game. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you as a Wealthy Marketer with so much potential to grow and inspire.

To our success,

The Wealthy Marketer

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